Monday, September 3, 2012

Kermit's Wharf

Kermit's Nightmare 
Kermit's Dream
Kermit's Summer 

Self PortraitKermit's Laundry AdventureSPENT DAY DRAWING FROGS WITH MOUSEPADKermit's TalentKermit's Origin
Kermit's Gluttony 
 Kermit and the Playground DareKermit's CurseKermit's ParadoxKermit's RoutineKermit's Sweet ToofUnnamedWhen did you stop dreaming?


  1. really like ur computer coloring style. def think u should explore this further

  2. Thanks!

    Alright then, I think I'm going to draw the outlines on paper then scan them in and color them - after some more practice with it.

    I don't know if you draw or not but here's an inspiring article I read the other day about drawing in architecture-

    1. "Are our hands becoming obsolete as creative tools? Are they being replaced by machines?" ha so many images come to mind upon reading this. anyway man will always be creative, the source or meduim in which he/she creates may change or not. maybe something catastrophic will happen and we will be back to cave painting with our hands and animal blood. who knows. thanks for the read tho and yes I enjoying drawing also

    2. hey, ive got a read for you now. its a graphic novel that i think u will really enjoy visually and the plot as well. The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick. it also receieved the caldecott medal. let me know what u think : )