Friday, September 7, 2012

More Mousepad Drawings

Don't forget the shadow

"And after that day the tribe of wandering Yhogurt-Nords were never seen or heard from again."

And after that day the tribe of wondering yhogurt-nords were never seen or heard from again.

Kermit and the cosmic epiphany. 
Kermit contemplates his place in the universe 

So I guess Kermit's head pulled a backside tailslide over at Hunchback Willow the other day?  Nice.
 Kermit's head tailslides hunchback willow? 

Kermit encounters his shadow.

Kermit's shadow

Kermit attempting to hold back his jealousy as he witnesses Sherman "The Shredder" McDoogle stick a buttery nosegrind to Python Slope.

Kermit tries to hold back his jealousy as he watches sherman "the shredder" mcdoogle tear up python ledge

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Furlqump Deluxe Edition

Head over to Chance Press to take a look at the Furlqump deluxe edition!  Each will come with a crazy qumpod drawing-


And speaking of Furlqump, it recently received a great review by Rob Clough of The Comic's Journal.  You can read it here.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kermit's Cakewalk

 Neon yogurt coated imagery has been whirling around in my mind for a few months now and it's starting to take the shape of a story.  I'm slowly working it out but I'm not sure yet if colored pencil is the best way to go.  The fun of computer coloring is beginning to sink its hooks in and I'm thinking about going that route with this new thing.  Suggestions?

Did you hear that Kermit kickflipped Ghoul Gap first try?

  Kermit kickflip's ghoul gap (1st try)

Good morning Kermit!
good morning kermit! (michael brown tribute)